Monday, September 16, 2013

Here goes nothing!

So today I'm starting a new diet and a new blog!  Here's to hoping my blogging lasts longer than my diet or that my diet lasts longer than my blogging?  Oh well!  Here goes nothing!

I figured I needed a 'boost', a 'shock' to my system and to the way I've been eating for the last few months.  My family has had three relocations in the last 5 years. Two of them, happened in the last 1 1/2 years.  We just moved back to MN after living in TX for just 15 months.  Imagine what that does to your life!  Moving shakes you to your core, transitions, schedules, routines, the life you know disappears before your own eyes and there's not a written manual describing how to handle it.  You just got to go with the flow and try not to eat, or drink your way to your next home.  You certainly have to give yourself a break.  I know I have to give myself a break.  

I really can't handle counting calories, points or figure out what to eat and when at this point.  A new house, new routines, new everything, again.  So I figured I'd give this diet plan a break.

My new diet plan:  Nutrisystem

Bought the 'weekends on your own' gift card at Costco (online).  It includes 20 days of Nutrisystem food.  Once I received the gift card, I placed my order, and around 2 weeks later I received it. 

This is not my first experience with Nutrisystem.  I tried it a few weeks ago when I purchased the 5 day plan at Walmart.  I thought it was pretty doable.  The food wasn't terrible and I really felt I lost some weight.  About that... I don't weigh myself... I don't do that anymore... Let's just say I used to have a very unhealthy relationship with my scale.  I now rely on how my clothes fit and feel,  I've been doing this for the last two years and I feel so much happier and less stressed about my weight and the numbers...

Today I had:

Breakfast:  donut, protein shake (both good)
Workout:  1 hr. of Zumba
Snack: string cheese
Lunch: rice and frijoles (beans) cup, 2oz. tuna
Snack: whole grain English muffin
Dinner: hamburger patty on whole grain English muffin.
Dessert:  cheese puffs (very good and a very decent portion)

My opinion:

*The rice and beans cup was not my favorite. I didn't care for it's soupy texture plus didn't like the seasoning.  (I'm Puerto Rican, trust me, I know about rice and beans).
*The hamburger patty needs to be doctored up.  It didn't look good, nor it smelled good.  It looked and smelled better after heated up.  

I just learned you can visit the nutrisystem website for recipes and tips on how to 'fix' and make the meals a little more interesting.

I didn't have headaches or heart burn, like some people say they experience while on the plan, so that was good.  

I really hope I like tomorrow's food better than I did today.

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